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You’ll never believe who inspired the new album by “Royals” singer Lorde


LAVA/Republic RecordsGrammy-winning New Zealand pop star Lorde, best known for her #1 hit “Royals,” has returned with a critically-acclaimed new album Melodrama.  Though her music is considered cutting edge, and certainly sounds modern and of-the-moment, she reveals that the artists who inspired it are all legendary singer/songwriters in their ’60s and ’70s.

Lorde tells the British publication NME that Paul Simon‘s 1986 album Graceland was a huge inspiration for her while making the record, and she also listened to a lot of Don Henley, Tom Petty, Phil Collins and Joni Mitchell.

“I’ve been so dialed into youth culture and pop culture,” Lorde says, explaining this unusual turn of events. “I needed to be challenged in a different way. I know what modern sounds like. That’s something every young person is all over.”

She explains, “What I found so revelatory about someone like Paul Simon or Don Henley is it’s really nice for me to sit down with my headphones and be schooled in the art of writing a perfect song.”

Lorde says she also feels that “when I’m making work, I don’t think about staying in my genre lane…I feel like that’s the cool thing about this record. We finished it…and I said to [my producer], ‘You realize, I can go anywhere I want now.’”

The singer will launch a North American tour in support of Melodrama in March.

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