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Taylor Swift files new motion against deejay in groping case


John Shearer/Getty Images for DIRECTVTaylor Swift‘s legal battle continues with a deejay she accuses of groping her backstage at a concert. 

Thursday morning, Taylor and her team filed a new motion, asking for sanctions against the deejay, David Mueller, because he lost or destroyed evidence that was relevant to the case. 

According to public records, Mueller secretly recorded a meeting he had in June 2013 with his employers at the radio station at which he worked. The meeting was part of the station’s independent investigation into Taylor’s complaint that he’d touched her inappropriately following a June 2 concert that same year. 

The motion notes that Mueller has since lost or destroyed “no less than than two laptops, a cell phone, an iPad, and an external computer hard drive,” all of which contained recordings of that meeting.  

Why does this matter?  Because at some point after that meeting, Mueller was fired from his job. He’s now suing Taylor, saying she’s the reason he was terminated. A trial is set for August.

The motion states that Mueller “conveniently preserved a few short, handpicked excerpts” of the meeting, noting, “Some of that destruction was after he started this litigation” against Taylor.

The motion concludes that “the destruction of critical evidence…after Mueller was contemplating litigation…rises to the level of bad faith.”

Taylor and her team are now asking for “an adverse instruction to the jury at trial.”  What that means is that during the upcoming trial, the judge should tell the jury that they should presume the missing recording would have made Mueller look bad.

As previously reported, the judge in the case threw out Mueller’s separate slander claim against Taylor.   The trial will begin August 7 in Colorado.

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