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Poll: Bon Jovi the most “Wanted” act for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Norman Jean RoyEach year when the nominees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame are announced, fans grumble that their favorites were snubbed yet again.  But what if the fans voted for the honor, rather than a cabal of music industry insiders?  Well, then Bon Jovi would be on their way to being memorialized in Cleveland.

GoldDerby, a website devoted to predicting nominees and winners for major awards, ran a poll asking fans which act they’d most like to see in the Hall.  About 4700 people voted, and Bon Jovi came out the clear winner, with 35% of the vote.  They’ve been eligible for induction since 2008.

Coming in second is The Monkees, with 26% of the vote.  The band, which was originally created for a TV show, went on to be a Grammy-nominated, multi-million-selling chart-topping act.  They’ve been eligible since 1991.

The rest of the acts mentioned in the poll include:

Three Dog Night (11%) Eligible since 1994.
The Moody Blues (8%) Eligible since 1989.
The Doobie Brothers (5%) Eligible since 1996.
Boston (4%) Eligible since 2001.
Dire Straits (4%) Eligible since 2003.
The Cars (2%) Eligible since 2003.
Styx (2%) Eligible since 1997.
The Commodores (1%) Eligible since 1999.
Foreigner (1%) Eligible since 2002.

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