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Pentatonix’s Kirstin Maldonado — aka kirstin — steps out solo


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When Pentatonix isn’t making chart-topping albums, its members are doing solo projects.  Kirstin Maldonado, the only female member of the group, has just released her debut solo EP, L O V E, and says the whole process has left her “re-inspired.”

Unlike the a cappella songs she does with Pentatonix, L O V E features kirstin — who’s now going by just her first name, with a lower-case “k” —  exploring an electropop sound.  Why that direction?  “I guess, just being in a group, I had never thought to question my individual artistry,” she tells ABC Radio. 

“I started the project last year and I was so inspired by it,” she adds. “And I felt like I was learning a bunch — and I still am — so I kinda feel re-purposed and re-inspired.”

Kirstin will do a fan signing at Universal CityWalk Hollywood this Wednesday, and one in New York at Sony Square on July 26. That same day, she’ll perform on NBC’s Today show

Kirstin says the rest of Pentatonix is “super-supportive” of her solo career — because they have their own projects, too. 

Members Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi have a duo called Superfruit;  their new EP Future Friends: Part One, just debuted at #33 on the Billboard chart.  In 2015, group member Kevin Olusola charted with his solo EP, and earlier this month, Avi Kaplan, who left Pentatonix a few months ago, charted with an EP under the name Avriel & the Sequoias.

That solo success is due to the loyalty of Pentatonix fans, who’ve sent seven of their releases into the top 10.

“We have a really incredible fan base…they’re…the ones that are rooting for us and buying the music and streaming it,” kirstin tells ABC Radio. “They’re just really, really amazing…and we’re just so thankful for them.”

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