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Kelly Clarkson reveals which hit made the most impact on her fans: “It’s the only song people mention”


Vincent PetersOver her 15-year career, Kelly Clarkson has recorded a number of anthemic, emotional and empowering songs that fans have taken to heart.  But she says there’s one particular hit of hers that fans stop and talk to her about the most…and no, it’s not “Since U Been Gone.”

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Kelly says it’s the title track of her 2015 album Piece by Piece which gets the most response from fans.  The song, conceived as a sequel to her 2004 song “Because of You,” is about how the love she has with her husband Brandon Blackstock helped her get over the emotional scars left by her father, who walked out when she was a child.

“Anywhere I go, that’s the only song people mention,” she tells EW. “Which says something about society because it’s a very dark song. I’m always like, ‘Thank you, and I’m sorry,’ because it’s not a particularly great song to relate to. But it’s nice to know you’re not alone.”

In fact, Kelly says that song makes people want to spill their guts to her, which can get a bit awkward.

“I would have people come up to me and reveal things you don’t even tell your spouse,” she says. “Like, ‘I cannot believe that chick or that dude just told me everything’ — about being molested, about being raped.”

“They feel like because I wrote that song and helped them, they’re comfortable saying things you probably only tell a shrink,” she explains.

Kelly’s new album,  Meaning of Life, is due October 27. It features the first single, “Love So Soft.”

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