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Elton John turned down offer to judge UK’s “X Factor,” says his husband


ABC/Randy HolmesGetting Elton John to agree to judge a TV singing competition seems like an impossible request, but it appears Simon Cowell went for it anyway.

Elton’s husband, David Furnish, tells the U.K. paper The Sun that Simon tried to convince the pop-rock legend to be a judge on his show The X Factor, alongside himself and, reportedly, British pop star Robbie Williams, and Robbie’s wife, actress Ayda Field.

“There was talk about the possibility of a judging role for Elton,” David told the paper. “But he does 100 shows a year and he doesn’t have time for X Factor judging roles. We’re too busy with Elton’s tour, which is starting in September.”

However, an X Factor source told The Sun that David is incorrect about the details of the offer.

“Elton has been approached to be a judge in the past — but wasn’t this year,” said the source. “It must be a case of crossed wires, although he’s always welcome to come on the show because we are big fans and he has performed [on the show] before.”

In case you’re wondering why Elton would even consider doing The X Factor, it’s worth noting that despite the fact that the U.S. version of the program lasted only three seasons, the show is still hugely popular in the U.K. The 15th season of The X Factor is set to start airing in September.

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