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Chris Pine wowed by “Wonder Woman,” and talks about the confusing collection of celebrity Chrises



(NEW YORK) — For Chris Pine, his role in the latest DC Universe superhero film Wonder Woman gave him the chance to be part of a historic female action movie — and see the true meaning of girl power, since he’s the film’s only male character for a good part of the movie. 

“To be on the beach with the whole gang of women doing their fight sequences…I think I tackle something and then I’m done with my day,” Pine told Michael Strahan Thursday on Good Morning America. “Then all the men roll up with the strollers, with the babies, to watch the women…just kick a** — it was quite something.”

Pine plays Steve Trevor, the charming American spy who accompanies Diana, aka Wonder Woman — played by Gal Gadot — to London, where they attempt to end World War I. It’s on the frontlines that Diana embraces her goddess-like superpowers, and becomes the hero of the movie’s title.

“The real theme of is parity and equality and that women can do whatever they want,” says Pine. 

Pine also confirmed the premise of a recent Saturday Night Live sketch: that people sometimes confuse him, Captain America‘s Chris Evans, Thor‘s Chris Hemsworth, Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Chris Pratt, and even Deadpool‘s Ryan Reynolds, for one another. 

“Someone would come up and and be like — ‘My friend says your someone, I should know what have you been in?’ Pine laughs, ‘I am Ryan Pratt, and I was in The Green Thor.’ And they’re like, ‘I knew it!'”

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